Dream Team to Triple Threat

New Horizons Leadership Lab College Readiness Programs | A critical component of middle school student development

Building the Body and the Brain

Discipline for the Court helps us Keep our Focus on the Classroom.

Building a Future by Learning about the Past

Bread always tastes better when you prepare it yourself and cook it over an open fire.

HW3 | The Homecourt Advantage

By tapping into the Student-athlete's sense of competition, HW3 brings the discipline from the court to discipline in the classroom.

Transforming Student-athletes into Scholar-athletes


NYDF envisions a day when every child on the North Shore of Staten Island will be provided with an academic counselor, sports coach, financial literacy consultant, and civic leadership role model who will advance the child’s innate personal desire to succeed and excel, while preparing them to become a positive agent of change and achieving their full potential.


NYDF is dedicated to opening New Horizons to middle school-aged youth on Staten Island’s North Shore through strategic partnerships with exemplary leaders in athletics and education in order to nurture and enhance sports skills, academic achievement, and civic responsibility, with a focus on individual and social prosperity.


NYDF values:
• The power of partnership.
• Every child's innate potential.
• A love of lifelong learning, instilled through mentorships and familial involvement.
• Civic engagement as a societal indicator of communal health.
• The core concept that social networks and social contacts have intrinsic worth and provide a direct corollary to the growth and productivity of individuals, groups and communities.


Coach Herve Bello 347-373-1809
Chris O'Brien
Ken Bach 917-426-4933
Building Confidence on the Court and in the Classroom